Climbing Mountains Is Easier When We Climb Them Together!

Welcome to WE HIKE!! WE HIKE, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation providing local middle school children the ability to get out of their every day struggles and back into nature. By offering FREE after school transportation and guided hikes, WE HIKE, Inc. will be able to expose underprivileged youth to regional, state, and national parks in and around Monterey County. Our nonprofit corporation strives to enrich the lives of middle school children by not only connecting them with nature, but by encouraging them to connect with their peers and, more importantly, themselves.

Our program is designed to provide youth the opportunity to experience the outdoors through guided trail hikes. In small groups of roughly 8 children to two adults, we will provide a positive environment that promotes both physical and emotional wellbeing. Through positivity, the group leaders will inspire and mentor the adolescents to push through difficult times and overcome obstacles, both literally and figuratively. The team at WE HIKE, Inc. is dedicated to the betterment of our community, and fully believe children are our future!